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Beautiful Gambian Beaches

By Babou | Travel

Gambia Beach Palm

The Gambia, known to be the smiling coast of Africa for a good reason.
In Gambia you'll find the most beautiful beaches accompanied with the perfect temperature of the sun.
Directly on one end of Gambia is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, with it's waters run through the whole of Gambia.

As it was discovered, Gambia is in fact one of the closest countries to the sun (with about  60 M miles).
Luckily the temperatures are mostly constant from 26° to 34°C and can sometimes get very hot (up to 40 °C).

But not to fear anything for there are enough places to cool off and enjoy the weather.

From Gambia you'll reach the next beach from nearly every town in just 10 to 30 minutes drive or biking, even walking will get you there.

First stop Fajara Beach

Accompanied by beautiful white sands, a couple of elevated areas and hills aiding in a spectacular overview of the horizon.

Surrounded by elegant Hotels direct on the banks of the beach.

In the high summer seasons mostly from April to September it is often visited and the perfect place for beachsport and fitness station for the restless.

Palma Rima Beach

The most popular beach in Gambia, is named after the first hotel on that area. It is beloved for it's beautiful and wide range of shade.
The massive numbers of dwarf coconuts palm trees make a great deal of comfort under the rising temperatures.

The Palma Rima Beach is located in Senegambia, the home of tourism. It is also famous for it's yearly sports competition. Often a spot for the locals to celebrate their birthdays or family picnics.

Horse riding becomes more famous yearly and it's offered in big varieties. 
The beautiful fresh food stands are not to be forgotten, for the purest of juices and smoothies are made there.

Jerma Beach

We continue deeper into the Senegambia area and soon to be arriving at the heart of the gambian nightlife.
First of at the Jerma Beach a very quiet area best for relaxing with the family.

It's special features are the giant trees "Coney" or Baobab and it's waterway.

In the summer it get's dried up and in the rainy season it comes back to life. On the sandbanks are lined up with different beautiful hotels and nature.

For the night the city reveals other attractions and beautiful reflections of the light on the water. With different types of entertainment, all in one place makes this city day and night alive. From clubs, restaurants, casinos, life music etc. are all available in one spot.

Brusubi Beach site

The latest and most popular settlement in Gambia. Build for about 10 years ago, it's infrastructure and high living standards draw both tourists and natives to move to this area.
It is mostly build in estates and really wonderful architect work.

One of the biggest hotels in Gambia "The Sheraton" is located there.

The city is very near to the sea coast, mostly all directions leading west will get you to a part of the beach site. It offers a large area of space making it possible to host different types of activities.

I personally once celebrated my birthday there.

Almost in all beach sites there are soldiers on duty or post close by to ensure the safety of the people. 

PS.: The only danger my be sunburn.

Further Information

The Gambia - Travel Guide

The Gambia

For further information and all the highlights about the country you should definitely check out the travel guide  "The Gambia" by Bradt.

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The 5 most beautiful beaches in Sierra Leone

By tim | Travel

River No 2 Beach in Sierra Leone

The beaches in Sierra Leone are like paradise with perfect white sand, coconut palms and not yet packet with masses of tourists. 

Bureh Beach

Bureh Beach is not only very beautiful. You'll also find a great Surfspot here.
In the surfclub (Bureh Beach Surf Club) you can rent boards and take lessons from some talented local surfers.

The surfing conditions are very consistent, so you can have a lot of fun.
After the surfsession it's perfect to enjoy some fresh and traditionally prepared seafood that the bar at the club also offers.

It is an 90 minutes trip by car from Sierra Leone on a new build highway on the east side of the peninsula.

On the way from Freetown you will pass through the city Waterloo. The vibrant life in this city is really impressive.
You should try the tasty Casava Bread, which originally comes from here.

River No. 2 Beach

River No. 2 Beach is very famous. It is not too far from Freetown.
There is a parking area in front of the beach and a few small shacks where locals sell different things.

Of course you can also have perfect seafood here.
With it's perfect white sand, the typical African wooden shacks and the beautiful nature it's is like paradise.
Interesting fact: in the '90s a TV advertising for the chocolate bar "Bounty" was shot here.
We have been there once on Sunday afternoon and stayed until the evening. A lot of locals had been there and the atmosphere was really unique and laid-back.

Kent Beach

Kent Beach is a little south of Bureh Beach. You should check out this beauty, too. It's a very wide sandy beach.

It has the closest transit to Banana Island by boat. On the boats they bring fresh seafood, so you have the chance to buy one of the giant lobsters directly from the fishermen.
Here you can have fascinating insights to the live of the fishermen.

Banana Island

This island lays on the opposite of Kent. It consists of three Islands: Dublin, Ricketts and Mes-Meheux.
Going from Kent by boat is the fastest and cheapest way to get there.

You can stay in Guesthouses or a Campsite in the North.
From here you can do some Snorkelling, (Spear)fishing or make a guided trip through the Island. 
Banana Island was a Bastion for slave trading from the end of the 17th century. 
You can still see some sights from this time there.
The best beach is Big Sand Beach in Dublin.

Lumley Beach

This lively city beach lays on a road going south for about 5 km from the northern tip of the peninsula (where the transfer boats from the airport arrive).
There are a lot of Restaurants, Bars, Hotels and some Nightclubs along the beach.

So this is a perfect location for a sundowner and a bite.

Sierra Leone Travel Guide

Further information

For more info about visiting Sierra Leone we highly suggest the Travel Guide "Sierra Leone" by Katrina Manson and James Knight.

  • Practical Information for all aspects of your holiday 
  • Detailed info about all provinces including maps
  • Deep insights in local culture